Artist Skai: poster of concerts 2021

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The Sky group whose songs we know and love is a Ukrainian rock band that was created in 2001 by Alexander Grischuk and Oleg Sobchuk.

4 years later, the musicians became participants in the Fresh Blood project, which was the beginning of their musical career.

A little later, the collective recorded the collection "You can beat us", the singles from which were constantly played on the radio. On the track "Remix" and "Te, scho treba" videos were immediately filmed.

2006 will be remembered for the release of the collection "What You Need", which became a hit. The project participants never stop recording songs of various styles. The disc contains both lyrical and cheerful singles. Due to the variety of styles, it is pleasant to listen to the creativity of the sky group for a much larger number of listeners.

A year later, the world saw two more videos. If we look at the clip "Best Friend", then it is about HIV. In the filming, the participants are people who supposedly find out that one of their comrades already suffers from such an ailment, after which they stop communicating with him. And only one friend extends a helping hand and communicates further - and this is Oleg Sobchuk, but the text of the song does not provide for such words.

In 2008, they recorded the track "Give Light", which was presented as a rock single and as a lyric song. Of course, video clips for these two versions were also filmed.

The group tours a lot in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and the Russian Federation.

The band's third music collection had the strange name "!", And was released in 2010. It included not just solo performances of the band, but also singles recorded together with many other famous stars.

In the fall of 2012, Sky was invited to give a concert at a charity event in order to raise money to purchase reagents that can help diagnose cancer.

A year later, a competition was held for the nomination "Best Acoustic Program", in which the group won a worthy victory. The prize from the NePopsa project was the second prize they received. Although, in general, during the entire existence of the group, the guys were awarded multiple prizes for their talent, artistry and efforts. They give their best on stage.

The fourth collection "Edge of Heaven" was released in 2014. He was recorded at more than one recording studio, and this time Maria, Sobchuk's wife, performed as a soloist.

In the fall of 2014, in the Stereoplaz in Kiev, the collective presented to everyone their show-concert called “S. KAJ ALIVE ”, which accompanied the chamber orchestra for 2 and a half hours. In addition to the fact that the performance could be watched from right there, there was also an online broadcast in parallel. As usual, in the style of the musicians, the show was divided into dynamic and lyrical parts.

In the winter of 2015, the guys conducted a 14-day charity tour, touring Canadian cities.

The participants demonstrated their tracks in an acoustic version, and all the money that the group raised was sent to charity in a fund for the victims of the hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

A year later, the men celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the project with a jubilee tour of Europe. The musical group of the group "Sky" in 2018 made grandiose plans for itself, about which it notified its fans and put them into a state of expectation, and in the meantime, the fans enjoy the compositions of the past. Compositions of the group "Sky" can always be downloaded for free on the website yuotube.